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Integrate IP 2 Location tool in your site

Make direct link for IP's lookup in your site
You can make direct links for IPs in your site, such that, on clicking on the IP address it will open another window with IP information.
Example:- Click on this IP

To make such links just make hyperlinks like this:
<a href=""></a>

The actual URL is:

Just remember to change the IP which is marked in red

Integrate search box in your site
To place IP to location search box in your website / webpage, just copy and paste the following HTML code in your website. Except the link back part you are free to modify this code to match your site's design.

Important:- Do not modify the link back code present in the following code. The link will remain hidden to your visitors. So, it will not mesh your site design. If you still don't want to keep the link back then do not use this tool.
If possible try to make the link visible, it will be highly appreciated.

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