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Welcome to iTools

At iTools you will find variety of web-based tools and application for your need. This site is aimed to make your work lot easier using these tools without the hassle of installing any software in your system. We constantly work on improving and adding new features to these tools. These programs are frequently updated to keep them bug free and more convenient to use.

The tools in this site are categorized under various groups for your convenience, each group contains all tools which fall under that particular category. At every page you will find option to Add a Comment, your feedback and suggestions are very much valuable for us and helps us to improve continually. If you have any questions to ask, or to report a bug then, you can also start a topic in the site forum on that particular tool. Please feel free to provide us suggestion and ideas, we may not promise to add them immediately but we will implement them in near future.

Note:- This site is still under development, lots of more tools are yet to come.

A glimpse of all the tools uner iTools

phpMC - PHP MascterCrypt
This is a strong PHP obfuscation tool, you can protect the your PHP scripts or snippet such that no one can see or modify source code of your PHP script. Lots of security measures can also be implemeted to make your script secure.

Grapher is a online graph Plotting tool, it can plot a given set of (x,y) coordinates or any fuction of 'x'. The program can be fully customized to change colors, text size, etc. It has lots of features which helps in easy analysis of Graphs.

Expression Calculator
This program can evaluate / calculate any given expression or function. Variables can be defined within this program which can be used in the function.

Integration by Simpson rule
This program can find the value of definite integral of any function of 'X' within a specified limit. It uses Simpson's 1/3 rule to calculate the value of integral of the function, the number of steps (like 1000, 10000, 1E4, etc) can be set to get more accurate integral value.

Currency Converter
This is a online currency converter tool which provided conversion among more than 150 currencies all over the world, this include all major currencies. These rates are updated on daily basis to ensure that you get the current rates.

Unit Converters
This is a set of online unit conversion tools which can convert different type of quantities. These converting tools include quantities like distance, speed, volume, time, angle, temperature and lot of other types.

Logic Gate Simulator
This is a logic gate simulation tool, it can perform all basic dgital circuit simulation.

IP to Location lookup tool
With this tool you can know your IP address or get geographic location of any IP address. You can also use these services with your website. To learn more look inside the tool.

Nslookup / DNS Lookup tool
This is a Nslookup tool which is capable of LookUp for 12 types of DNS records for domains and IPs. This includes all common record types like NS, A, MX and many more. This can be be the best tool to check that your DNS administrator has configured your domain properly or not.

WordFind is a online word searching program. It is meant to be a helping tool for different types of word games and puzzles. With WordFind you can search by different word patterns, find anagrams and many other details about a word.

LaTeX Expression Renderer & Editor
This is a online LaTeX expression rendering and editing tool. You can type, generate or compose LaTeX equation with the inbuilt editor having graphical buttons and menus, it will also instantly render the LaTeX equation in image format.

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