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Grapher v5

Stable version of Grapher 5 Released.
Category: Math Tools
Posted by: Administrator
Grapher v5 is out of beta stage. After lots of beta testing and series of beta releases, finally stable version of Grapher version 5 has been released.

Changes in v5
  • Now Grapher can show coordinated when mouse hovers on the Graph, this help in easy analysis of the graph. This fucntionality is fully compatible with log-scale also.
  • All the compatibility issues with different browsers are now removed. It has been successfully tested on IE v6, FireFox v2 and Operea v9
  • Friendly Url function is now improved. Unlike older versions it can now work with single page load.
  • Added option to download and save the plotted Graph image. The image is in PNG format.
  • Added option to have print view for the graph separately.
  • Some changes in the user interface.
  • Now the function, variables and constants are not case-sensitive.
  • In previous version there was a problem in showing numbers along axis on log scale. It has been fixed now.
  • Now grapher can properly analyze the region of discontinuity / undefined portion of a function. Auto range problems for functions with discontinuity has been resolved.
  • A special algorithm has been implemented for showing axes numbers or hover coordinates in log scale. Since log scale is not a linear scale, precession to a fixed decimal point is not adequate to show accurate values. With this new algorithm it will show accurate coordinates all over the graph area.
  • Minor bug fixes including some javascript bugs.
  • Dropped the show co-ordinate option in function plotting mode.