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About iTools

iTools is a site of various kind of online tools and applications. These tools can be used directly within the site and does not require any kind of installation in your system.
iTools is currently hosted under the subdomain of It is one of the sister site of sites and thus it share information and is administered as a part of site network.

Copyright Notice
All the tools/ programs/ scripts under iTools are copyrighted* to the site and only the owner reserve complete right on the programs*. All these script are written by the site owner Subhash Bose * and under any condition, any portion or whole of the scripts/ program/ site design is not allowed to be used with out prior permission from the author.
* condition are not valid for those programs whose author is not Subhash Bose and details are mentioned along with that tool.

Terms of Service
  • Any kind of spamming or abuse of our service will not be tolerated and will result to banning of the IP address.
  • Any kind of linking to our tools form any other site, such that it would consume our server resource but not bringing any visitors to our site is strictly prohibited. Any remote server found to link in such a way, it's IP will be immediately blocked and other necessary steps will be taken.
    You may create and place search boxes in your site which will link to our site, but the visitor must come to this site to get the result, result should not be copied any displayed within your site. If you think this condition can not be followed the you should not use our service.
  • You should be polite while posting in forum or placing your comments.

iTools/ author/ owner of this site/ programs can not be held responsible for any kind loss caused direct/ indirectly by the use of this site or any tool/ program under this site. The usage of any tool or the site is the sole responsibility of the user.
However every possible care is taken to ensure that result produced are accurate and error free.

Privacy Policy
1. When you visit our site, access our tools, register and post in our forum you IP address is logged and any private information you provide is stored along us. Those information are completely kept safe and under any condition we do not sell or share them with any third party site or organization. Those information will not go outside sites.
2. We use authentic third-party companies (like google) to server ads when you visit our sites, those ad-serving sites may collect limited amount of information about you, like your IP. These ad-serving sites can be fully trusted that you information will be kept safe. For more detail about privacy policy of google visit here.

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