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Integration by Simpson 1/3 rule

This program can find the value of definite integral of any function of 'X' within a specified limit. It uses Simpson's 1/3 rule to calculate the value of integral of the function, the number of steps can be set to get more accurate integral value.

function f(x) =

Limit of X: to
No of steps:

Instruction for use

1. Enter any mathematical function/expression in the expression field. It should only be a explicit function of 'x'. For more details about the usage of function, variables and constants click here.

2. Then set the limit of function to integrate. In the first field enter the lower limit and in the second field enter the upper limit. It is not necessary that the upper limit must be greater in magnitude than lower limit. If the upper limit is smaller than lower limit then the sign of the integral value will be of opposite sign. These values must be only real values.

3. Then set the number of steps/interval in which the integral result will be calculated. Higher steps results to more accurate value. Keep this value in the order of 1000 or 10000 (like 1000, 20000, 1E4, etc). This also must be a real value.