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International Currency Converter

This online currency converter provided conversion among more than 150 currencies all over the world, this include all major currencies. These rates are updated on daily basis to ensure that you get the current rates.

  • These exchange rates are updated almost in every 24 hours.
  • Also added conversion rates for various metals like Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper etc.
  • High precision is maintained (8 decimal points) to ensure high accuracy.
  • Obsolete currencies are not supported, since most of the European nations nations are using EURO.


  • These rates are mostly updates from the exchange rates provided by and However iTools has no attachment or collaboration in any form with these sites.
  • Every possible effort is given to maintain the accuracy of the rates, but these rates are varying continuously, so you should confirm current rates before making any transactions that could be affected by changes in the exchange rates. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the converter and we will also not be responsible for any mistakes or any problem caused as a result of inaccuracy of the converter.

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