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Upcoming Tools

In this page I would list the tools which I am planning to add in future. There is no strict time line for the addition of tools unless it is specified.

Image cycling
Images can be uploaded here (say 3 images), now you will be provided a link of a image which you can place in forums, blogs or other sites. This image will not be a static single image, instead it would randomly cycle to show different images when viewed different time.

Image resizer
This will be a online image resizing tool. Images can be resized using any image editing programs, but mostly they resize can't resize image reserving good quality. This PHP script can resize marinating quality.

Image converter
This will be a image conversion tool, which would be capable of converting images among some popular image formats.

Logo from text
This tool will be capable of creating fancy logo from any input text.

HTML encryption
This will a encryption tool similar to phpMC, but this will be encryption for HTML codes using javascript.

Online quiz
This will be online quiz program where you can create you own quiz question set which would be available online.

Text extraction from HTML site
This script will be able to extract text from any HTML site on the net. It will exclude the html tags and will only preserve the basic formatting.

MATRIX calculator
This program will be capable of performing different type of MATRIX operations.

World time calculation
Can calculate and convert time among different timezones of the world.

PDF creator
Using this tool one can create PDF file in a WYSIWYG user interface. Would be similar to work like Ms Word but can be saves as PDF format

Encoded emails
On internet you post your email addresses, but those can be easily extracted by spam bots and you would start receiving SPAM mails. This tool would be prevention from such problems.