PHP MasterCrypt - phpMC can encrypt any chuck of PHP code onto a complex unreadable PHP code. It is useful to protect your sensitive data like username/password or your whole PHP script. It virtually makes impossible to decrypt those encrypted codes. It basically obfuscates and encrypts the PHP code using a very complex algorithm and that code cannot be edited or changed by anyone.

All of us know that PHP is a scripting language, and it is not stored in a compiled form on the server. So any one who has access to your PHP script(server side) can easily steal your valuable codes in it. This problem becomes more prominent when you are a PHP developer or programmer and you need to distribute your script on the net or to your clients.

So, the solution is PHP MasterCrypt. The encrypted code by phpMC makes it impossible to edit/view/change your script by anyone, even if someone has the full access to your script. You can safely distribute the encrypted script on the net or to anyone. The encoded script is completely secure and may contain sensitive data like username and password. The encrypted code by phpMC is compatible with any environment having PHP4.0+ and it is completely standalone, so it don’t need anything extra to be installed/modified or present on the server where it will execute.

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Warning: This is one way encryption, once a script is encrypted, it can not be reversed back or decrypted. So, retain your original copy of script. No request for decryption shall be entertained by Admin or Author under any circumstances.