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WordFind - Online word searching tool

WordFind is a online word searching program. It is meant to be a helping tool for different types of word games and puzzles. With WordFind you can search by different word patterns, find anagrams and many other details about a word.

Features of WordFind
  • Search a whole word or by pattern using wildcards * and ?, these wild cards can be used upto any complexities
  • Find words staring with or ending with or containing any other word/letters.
  • Under every search type additional word length criteria can be added. The result will be filtered out according to different criteria specified.
  • Special tool for easy solving of crosswords, only the known letters from the crossword row/column is to be entered and the program will find all matching words.
  • Find Anagrams for a particular word or a combination of letters
  • Find all words which can found within a particular word (sub-words) by different combination of letters.
  • Find all words from which a particular word can be formed (parent words) by different combination of letters.
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