Range of Y

While using function plotter mode, this defines the the lower and upper values of Y, within which the function will be plotted.
The first value defines the lower limit and the second value defined the upper limit of Y.

Values can also be entered in scientific notations, like 5*10-12 as 5E-12

It also accepts a value 'Auto', using Auto, the program will automatically set set the lower and upper value of Y for which the function will be fully visible in the range of Y.

Note:- It is adviced to manually set the range of Y (instead of 'Auto') while plotting functions having points of discontinuity in the range of X, because the points of discontinuity may have infinite values. If the plot is not clearly visible then manually set the range.

Example: If you set the lower limit to -5 and upper limit to 6, then the graph will be plotted only showing curve within y=-5 to y=6.