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Grapher 5.5.6

f(x) = Help
Range of X : - Help
Range of Y : - Help


Graph area: x Help
Customize colors: Help
Line color:# Help
Axis color:# Help
Background color: # Help
Global text color: # Help
Grid color: # Help

Graph Plotting options Title: Help

Logarithmic X scale Help
Logarithmic Y scale Help

Show Grid Help
  On X Axis Help
    Grid Spacing on X: units Help
  On Y Axis Help
    Grid Spacing on Y: units Help

Show Axes Help
  X Label: Help
  Show numbers on X Axis Help
    Interval on X: units Help
  Y Label: Help
  Show numbers on Y Axis Help
    Interval on Y: units Help
  Show Labels in Hover box Help

Miscellaneous Show friendly url   Help